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This is also referred to as Year 25 on the Imperial Standard calendar.

IC Events Edit

  • NR brings fleet in over Etti IV, begins negotiations for Solo's release.
  • Empire brings in fleet over Etti IV to offset New Republic presence, attempt their own negotiations to have Solo turned over into Imperial custody.
  • CSA ExO Sean Dillon arrested on charges stemming from Chewbacca's escape from Etti IV 8 months prior. Simone Drake elected to ExO by DIREX.
  • Avalyshaar Dusten is elected president of the CDU. Election coincides with the completion of Kichnar Orbital Station, an achievement nearly fifteen years in the making, undertaken when the Galactic Empire of Palpatine still ruled the Mid-Rim and begun by Imperial engineers who treated it as little more than a refueling station. Presav Dusten christens it, and declares it open for commerce.
  • NR and Empire battle at Etti IV. The NR retreat, and the Empire withdraws from CSA space.
  • Imperial Admiral Canis dies of radiation poisoning following the destruction of the HIMS Vanguard at Etti IV, from which he had been rescued.
  • While searching for Solo, Luke and Leia run into Dark Lord Sabbath and fight him on Palanhi. Sabbath's escape is traced and leads to Han Solo's rescue.
  • Simone Drake resigns as CSA ExO. Fleet Admiral Falkar is elected by DIREX.
  • Tatooine invaded by the Empire. V'ez-Tcha criminal syndicate eradicated after an orbital bombardment of their main headquarters. Leaders imprisoned on Kessel by the Empire. Imperial garrison established on Tatooine.
  • ExO Falkar of the CSA disappears. DIREX appoints Xak Oberon as replacement.
  • Ex-Presav Lyr Dunwell appears back on Caspar alive and healthy.
  • Sullust liberated by New Republic. Millions of Sullustans discovered to have been killed or removed from the planet during the Imperial Occupation.




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