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This is also referred to as Year 24 on the Imperial Standard calendar.

IC Events Edit

  • Imperial Grand Moff Valance is executed.
  • Wyth Skellheim disappears into the unknown regions. Grand Admiral Andrews retires his post. Chaos ensues in the Empire as the BofO director (Dekan) and Grand Admiral Thrawn try to insert Holger as a puppet leader, but fail as Holger doesn't garnish any support from the High Command or Interim Ruling Council whatsoever.
  • Wyth Skellheim returns and attempts to rally support for his cause within the Empire. High Command leaders take sides between Wyth and Alaric. In the end, Moff Galenx is executed as a traitor, and Thrawn withdraws his fleet as Alaric maintains control. Grand Admiral Canis is promoted to take charge of the Imperial Naval forces under Alaric's command.
  • Alaric Darkstar abdicates the Imperial throne and Grand Moff Ariak Caldny takes charge of the Empire.
  • After a supposed Imperial bounty is placed on his head, CSA ExO Pymari is hunted and killed by bounty hunter Giles Vermillion, who had been posing as one of the ExO's security team. No bounty was ever collected. Sean Dillon is appointed as CSA ExO.




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Other Events

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