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This is also referred to as Year 23 on the Imperial Standard calendar.

IC Events Edit

  • Many small organizations rise up out of the galactic turmoil like the Nova Raiders, V'ez-Tcha, Grey Ghosts, Free Spacer's League (FSL), Wookiee Trade Federation (WTF), Alien Dominance Organization (ADO), the Shadow Bandits, and the Techren (also known as Neo-Techren).
  • Krittain, inspired by the surge of stability and confidence in the region, sends an emissary to Caspia to discuss a tributary relationship. The newly formed Union Assembly does one better and designates Krittain as a partner system. The Caspian Democratic Union is now inter-systemic.
  • As the galactic economy rebuilds itself, several businesses emerge. FineLine Spaceways is established by Togryyshyk of Shyykris, Ryan Cross, and Khayell. Shipping efforts between Caspia, Krittain, and Kashyyyk branch into even more extensive routes. FLS finds itself traveling throughout the Slice in lieu of a dedicated, "official" shipper/courier company.
  • In the absence of leadership, Warlord Tagger claims the Empire as his own. He steps down after a lengthy rule, turning things over to Warlord Dobbs.
  • HIMS Animosity, later to be renamed Audacity, is launched from the Fondor shipyards where the ship was constructed.




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