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24 ABY covers events between January 1st, 2015 and December 31st, 2015.

Events Edit

  • A conspiracy within the government of the Caspian Democratic Union has for years secretly supplied arms to the New Republic in violation of its neutrality is uncovered by the Galactic Empire. After months of sector-wide blockade and a defeated effort by the New Republic to break the Imperial stranglehold, the Union bows to Imperial demands. A new treaty is agreed, banishing the Republic from Union territory and surrendering sovereignty of its customs enforcement to the Corporate Sector Authority.
  • The Imperial Governor of the Maw Sector and the infamous Spice Mines of Kessel is executed during a daring prison break by Jedi Knight Johanna Siri te Danaan. Thousands of tons of unprocessed spice are stolen and slaves freed. The Empire covers up the incident, claiming to have executed the Moff on charges of corruption. Moff Hennis is appointed the new governor, pledging to make up the shortfall by the year's end.
  • Entire villages bordering the shadowlands on Kashyyyk are found abandoned. The headcount of the missing climbs to the tens of thousands as it spreads outward, affecting larger and larger settlements.
  • A warlord arises on Trandosha, leading a confederation of the lesser clans. They are extremely well supplied and a growing threat to the ruling Blackscale hegemony. Many anticipate civil war.
  • Sporadic episodes of uncontrolled violence occur on Ord Mantell. No explanation is made public for the phenomena.

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