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Covering MUSH events occurring from March 2006 until March 2007.

This is also referred to as Year 34 on the Imperial Standard calendar.

IC Events Edit

  • Luke Skywalker is released from an elusive, powerful dark side trap, and returns to Coruscant to find the Basilica destroyed, and his Jedi Order in shambles. He immediately begins a quest to put the Order back together, which leads to the resurrection of Johanna, the rescue of Sabrina, and an intense training regime to strengthen the abilities of his students.
  • The Imperial Palace is attacked by an Imperial commando team, led by Danik Kreldin. Heavy damage is done to the Throne Room, and the Imperials escape after stealing a valuable object from the Throne Room.
  • In an attempt to bring economic relief through the Empire's blockade of Coruscant spacelanes, Operation Shado Kolpo is initiated by the New Republic Military. It ends in a virtual stalemate. The blockade is held, but the New Republic manages to bring a fair bit of relief to the citizens of Coruscant.
  • Coruscant is invaded by the Galactic Empire in a campaign that has come to be known as the Retribution of Coruscant. Supreme Commander Danik Kreldin is presumed killed during the warfare. The Empire eventually overwhelms the New Republic, and they withdraw from the system in a mass exodus.
  • The Corellian Corruption Scandal makes headlines in the Empire, forcing a COMPNOR-led martial law upon Corellia. Danik Kreldin, thought to have been killed at the Retribution of Coruscant, is captured and arrested by the Empire when his plan to take the throne from Vadim is discovered and stopped cold by ISB. During the conflict, tensions erupt between the Empire and CDU, thus dissolving the short-lived CDU Nonaggression Treaty.
  • The last remnants of resistance to Aleister Vadim is destroyed. The new Neo-Imperial Movement is destroyed, and Kreldin is pronounced dead by the Empire.

Battles Edit

Deaths Edit

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Other Events

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