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Covering MUSH events occurring from March 2003 until March 2004.

This is also referred to as Year 31 on the Imperial Standard calendar.

IC Events Edit

  • Vice Admiral Danik Kreldin launches his own coup within the Empire to overthrow Lorn Rhys and restore Osbourne to power. The coup fails, however, and Kreldin is forced to flee from the Empire. He meets up with retired Imperial Admiral Fianar Reanus and the CEO of Sigma Star Industries, Greiko Lornan, and together they form the Neo-Imperial Movement, a coalition of former Imperial Dignitaries aimed to restore Osbourne to power.
  • The Neo-Imperial Movement is crushed on Etti IV when the Empire springs a trap against the Movement's leadership with the help of Greiko Lornan, who had been ousted from the Movement weeks earlier. Danik Kreldin is captured and believed to be executed, Fianar Reanus disappears, and Greiko Lornan is betrayed by Iselin D'kal and brought to the brink of death by Wilhelm Krieger and Jacques Devereux. The Third Imperial Civil War ends.




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