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Covering MUSH events occurring from March 2001 until March 2002.

This is also referred to as Year 29 on the Imperial Standard calendar.

IC Events Edit

  • The Empire invades Kashyyyk, driving the New Republic out. Kashyyyk asks the New Republic fleet to not return.
  • The Nighthawks are once again dispatched on a long recon run under the guise of a "cartographical survey mission". Their profile starts them off to Kashyyyk and surrounding sectors in the hopes of locating where the Death Star III might be lurking. Acting on a calculated guess, three Strike Centurions head towards Toprawa and pass through Faylar at high speed, close enough to the planet Dreven to record the monstrous battlestation in orbit, surrounded by a substantial battlefleet. The recordings are either intercepted or lost, and no official record of the event is ever avowed. The event does cause a ripple in Imperial security patterns and doctrine.
  • Following the events on Kashyyyk, growing unrest on Corellia puts pressure on the New Republic to withdraw. Riots and civil uprisings continue despite New Republic attempts to reassure the populace of their support of the planet in the face of the Death Star threat. Finally, the New Republic pulls back after an Imperial attack, leaving only minimal reinforcements in the system to protect their interests.
  • In the 8th month, the CSA petitions to have trade rights in New Republic space. After talks, the New Republic announces in the 11th month that the CSA's request is denied. CSA vessels may be allowed into New Republic space for official, non-trade purposes. CSA vessels should apply for clearance, and be monitored at all times in New Republic space.
  • The New Republic's Embassy on Caspar suffers a debilitating attack from a fanatical group known as the Olumi Osahn. The building suffers extensive damage and the entire military complement is slaughtered. Having recently obtained her post as diplomatic head of the embassy, Ambrosia Delgard, then known as Ambrosia Aderanne, is injured personally by the masked Ernest Pallando. Bewildered but far from intimidated, the young representative makes efforts to restore the embassy, increase the security, and becomes promoted to Ambassador.




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